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Interview: Unicorn Kid

You know all those colorful keyboards with cute sounds that you used to gain on your birthdays, in the beginning of your childhood, don’t you? Generally, they all had the same destiny. After you crash it against the floor, it broke down and went to the trash can.

But somebody knew how to make these toys useful, and started to make music, creating a new style. And nowadays this style is getting pretty popular, with many artists of the genre. Among them there’s a Scottish boy with 16 years old, known as Unicorn Kid, which is becoming famous little by little in MySpace. The most interesting part of it, is that this very talented boy is certanly not another fake musician, like we use to see almost everyday on internet. His tunes are well-made, with greats arrangements, and, at the same time, there are always those childish keyboard’s sounds.

He has just released his first EP, named ‘Sugarfest’, and he keeps calling attention all over the world. You must listen to his music. I met Oliver Sabin, a.k.a Unicorn Kid, and we talked about his music style and how is the sensation of becoming famous so young.

MTJ!: When did you begin developing electronic music?

Oliver: I’d been messing around with a casio keyboard for about a year before Unicorn Kid, I had a couple of accounts where I made music soley from retro keyboards, though the results were not so good!

MTJ!: You use vhildren’s instruments to record your music. Where did you get that from?

Oliver: Well i’m not the only one to use childrens instruments in my music, far from it infact, there is a huge circuit bending scene where musicians alter the circuits of toy instruments to make new hybrid sounds, it was my fascination with this that first gave me the idea.

MTJ!: How do people react when they find out you’re only 16?

Oliver: A lot of people are very surprised by it, but I think it sort of works in my favour. Lots of people see it as a novelty that a 16 year old can make music like this and become popular off it, I suppose it might be one of the reasons I’ve become so successful so quickly.

MTJ!: How would describe the song-composing process?

Oliver: My songs are composed and recorded at the same time, It’s all created on the computer so there’s not much need to redo the song once I have it down.

I play guitar and bass guitar and they are an integral part of the song writing process. I normally get the general idea of the song on the guitar first, then adapt it onto the computer and mess around with it. New ideas come to me as I write so I never know how the full song is going to sound until it’s completely finished.

MTJ!: You released an EP, which is sell on CD and on Itunes, in mp3 format. Why did you decided to release it on these two ways?

Oliver: The EP was originally supposed to be released on CD and on iTunes, but the label I was with ceased trading just before the release, and slowly cut off communication with me, as a result of this i’ve had to release it by myself, which is unfortunate. It’s only avaliable on digital mp3 download now for £3.50 from my myspace page, but it’s still selling well!

MTJ!: What are your main musical idols, who influenced you?

Oliver: I’ve always been influenced by chiptune artists like sabrepulse and henry homesweet, I think their work is amazing and so dynamic. Artists like them have helped me develop my own style, I guess you could say that there are elements of their style in my music.

MTJ!: In your myspace you sell t-shirts too. The design of that is made by yourself? And how did you started with this?

Oliver: Art has always been the love of my life, ever since I can remember.
I’ve been messing around with computer aided design for about two years now and I think that’s been really useful in terms of creating design for unicorn kid, so when I found the means to create tshirts, I jumped at the chance and got to work!

MTJ!: You are very well-known in MySpace. Is that giving you positive return in the music business, show-wise?

Oliver: I think whether people like to admit it or not, myspace has become an integral part of the music business.

In the past 6 months i’ve gone from nobody to the number one in my genre on myspace, because myspace is such a powerful tool it allows people from all over the world to see my music, this has meant i’ve gotten loads of gigs and received interest from both indie and major labels.

Liked it? Download some Unicorn Kid’s songs here.

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Great Interview, I love Unicorn Kid!
just a heads up, the link to his myspace at the top is broken.

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