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Interview: RAMSAYS


England, first semester of 2005. Daniel invites some friends to form a band, it’s done, ‘The Ramsays’ is set up. After facing some difficulties with the band formation (which resulted on Brent’s inclusion in the group), the troupe was concluded: Michael Robson (Micky) on synths and vox, Andrew McAllister (Kal) on guitar, Brent Tron on bass and Daniel Cooper (Dan) on drums.

The band— nowadays called RAMSAYS— which started playing covers from Green Day ended up playing indie music, inspired on Larrikin Love and Arctic Monkeys. The quartet produced tunes as “Tantric Romantic” and “Nightmare on Northumberland” (you can find these and much more on MySpace), which later—who would imagine— took them to big stages, like the Carling Academy of Newcastle (Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs have already performed there). RAMSAYS also published their work in venues of Glasgow, Manchester and London.



With success coming little by little, everything points that RAMSAYS will become a huge band in UK. A fact that may advance this reality is the One Night Only promotion, where they are found between the 3 finalists. If they win, they’ll open for ONO’s gig in Newcastle. So, if you love RAMSAYS, be quick and click here to vote.


RAMSAYS at Carling Academy, Newcastle


Here is my conversation with Daniel and Brent, the founder and the latest integrant of RAMSAYS:


MTJ!: How did RAMSAYS begin and why the name is in Caps Lock?

Daniel: We began in march/april 2005, I had just bought a drum kit and while at school I suggested to Micky that we started a band. So me and him looked for a guitarist and found our good mate Kal and started to practice. The caps lock in RAMSAYS didn’t come up until very recently, as recent as 3 or 4 weeks ago, before then it was The Ramsays.

MTJ!: In these 3 years of band, what have changed, musically speaking?

Daniel: Brent for one (laughs)! Brent joined the band mid way through last year.

Brent: 7 – 8 months ago?

Daniel: Something like that.

Brent: We introduced a synthesizer when I learnt all the songs, which the singer plays.

Daniel: Well, yeah, so that was a major change musically, because we then went from having a drum kit, a guitar and a bass/singer to having a drum kit, 2 guitars a bassist and singer/synth player so that has really helped us to expand on our music and progressively get better.

MTJ!: RAMSAYS is one of the bands in your city with the most ageless members. Do you guys suffer any difficulty because of that?

Brent: We get more young then old fans.

Daniel: Yeah, we tend to appeal to the younger generation and sometimes that does pose a problem. Most times venues are 18+ meaning that obviously, some of the younger fans cannot get in, however we do have some older fans, as well as some other people already in the bar. Venues such as the carling academy are 14+ which is great because more or less all fans can come to them, resulting in a great night.

MTJ!: Here in Brazil many bands give up of doing music because of these problems.

Brent: In England though. It’s mostly teenagers who listen to underground music so it’s probably a good thing that we have young fans, ‘cos the older fans will die before them, so the younger ones will be around longer.

Daniel: Thing is, with us being so young, trying to appeal to older people (especially 20’s) it sometimes makes them think “kids trying to take over” and don’t like us. But younger people can relate to our music and will, in a way, grow up with us, so there’s more of a connection.

Brent: It’s just like what my granddad used to say: “don’t come in the house with your shoes on”. Or does that have nothing to do with the question?

Daniel: Nothing at all. (laughs)

MTJ!: (laughs) I didn’t get it.

Brent: There was no joke involved, but believe me, he did say that once.

MTJ!: What’s the band’s main inspiration when you are composing?

Daniel: Micky, (laughs) not really, but some of the things that kid comes out with are hilarious.

Brent: Said Cooper.

Daniel: Thanks Brent, I didn’t know I had said that.

Brent: Our riffs usually come off his songs. He writes them, and then we add to them. But it’s hard to put your inspirations into our songs because Micky writes a lot of it.

MTJ!: Give us some examples of hilarious things that kid had already came out with.

Daniel: It’s one of those things you couldn’t think of off the top of your head. You would really have to be there because more often than not it’s the way he says things and in what situation.

MTJ!: How do you guys behave on the stage?

Brent: Well, I tend to stand out of the way, don’t usually face the crowd. Micky is known for being a bit wild, jumping around crowd, surfing, etc… Kally two steps when playing guitar, Cooper smashes his drums.

MTJ!: On average, how many people go to your shows?

Brent: If it’s local we can fill the place. We brought around 500+ people to the Carling Academy venue and we were only supporting.

MTJ!: For now, the group has only released EPs in digital format, right? When do you pretend to release some material in physical format? What about a video clip?

Brent: We will do a video in the future, soon perhaps. And we will release some EPs on CD to sell at future gigs. But I think we’re focusing on putting our EP this year on iTunes [Store] to download.

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nice one.

for once cooper got a say in the interview (Y)

and who the hell’s alex??

“Alex: (laughs) I didn’t get it.”


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alex is me, the interviewer :D

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me likey

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